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Tehwa AG is based in Switzerland with international operations and a broad diversification. It is divided into two divisions, Tehwa AG and Tehwa Holdings co.,Ltd. The group operates in the sectors of Family office, trading distribution and investments.
Based on over generation of our founder’s family’s know-how in global market, we allow us to lead, control and connect our global operations within our worldwide network across different requirements, cultures, languages and time zones.

CEO Message

Welcome! Here we introduce the past achievements and current successes of Tehwa’s global operations.It conveys our mission to be the preferred and trusted partner for our service as well as our insight for discovering new and rewarding opportunities. Tehwa AG has focused on bringing innovative, competitive and sustainable goods and services to dynamic markets. Our vision centers on a diversified portfolio of products and ideas backed by the reliable and timely availability of our service.
This alone allows us and our customers to stay responsive and flexible, while instantly adapting to the dynamics of the global market.Combining our strengths with those of our partners, we make strategic choices in target industries and, with decisive action, generate new opportunities and steady growth. Although more challenges await, I am proud to head this organization with a clear vision and a focused strategy to reach our future goals!

Tehwa AG | CEO Nayeon Kang

Tehwa AG
CEO Nayeon Kang

Nayeon Kang