Who We Are


  • Caroline Chenot Board members

• Caroline graduated from the Swiss German boarding school Lyceum Alpinum Zouz. After graduating, she began studying advertising at The Academy of Art in San Francisco, and continued her studies at Franklin University in Lugano, Switzerland where she obtained her Bachelor degree in International Communications. She then spent a year in Moscow where she studied the Russian language and culture. Caroline then began a career in PR whilst living in Paris, and soon after decided to get an MBA at the Guido Carli University in Rome. After completing her studies, she successfully went on to work for the Chenot Company as a communication specialist and business developer.

• Today Caroline is an entrepreneur and life coach. As a board member of the Chenot Group, she is dedicated in continuing the company legacy of creating the ultimate health and wellness medical and spa destinations for people to detox and reboot their body and mind. Currently, she holds the titles of world class mother, dedicated life coach, as well as the defender of the family assets.

• Her superpowers are speaker of multiple languages, artistic business mind, creator of visions, sustainer and supporter of the human spirit.