Who We Are


  • HB KangAudit

• He was Born in 1953.

• Married with 3 kids.

• Graduated BA in Ceramic Engineering Yonsei University in 1979.

• Founder of Ilshim / IS group in 1980.

• Father of his second daughter our chair of the board, Nayeon Kang-Chenot.

• From his family background in Real estates, trading medicines and Finance business he developed his own passion although his parents did not approve, with small he had, he created from scratch his own empire worldwide from 80s, at the peak, he made careers to approx. 9000 employees mainly in China and Korea, made approx. 1 billion revenue yearly produced Clothing and Accessories OEM lines and trading houses.

• In 2002, he was awarded “Best Taxpayer of Korea.”

• His strong character being strict and conservative way of mind impacted on our chairwoman throughout in times.

• His quote states “정직과 성실” means Honesty and Hardworking.

• His hobby and passion today are playing Golf, Gardening, fine cuisine and watches over Tehwa like a hawk.